• From Leads to Ledgers: The Foundation of eClouds
    In this first blog post, I am attempting to describe the eClouds journey from 2 to 48 employees and share our experience in building the optimal Techstack. I am also sharing some lessons learned from mistakes made, how we set up our terms and conditions for the best financial outcome, and more.
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  • Pardot Implementation: Business-to-Business Marketing Automation in Salesforce
    Pardot is your solution for B2B marketing automation and includes powerful tools that generate leads so your sales team can close more deals. This guide helps you get your Pardot business unit online and ready for your marketing team to build out marketing assets and get campaigns underway.
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  • Salesforce Implementation: What you need to know.
    We are all facing a fast-changing market environment for businesses, and the way people think and react to it is as much at the same speed as sharing information over the internet.
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