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Why have separate systems for
Project Management,
Employee Hiring,
Salary Management,
Commission Calculation,
Invoicing & much more.
If you can have it ALL in ONE Solution?


The Complete Digital Patient Encounter 3.0

Save Time, Money and Increase Practitioner & Patient Satisfaction!

With Salesforce Health Cloud as the rock-solid foundation, eClouds have designed workflows and implemented the right set of tools that allows any Medical Practitioner’s office to make the Patient Encounter 100% digital. (We simply call our setup “Practitioner Cloud”.)
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Innovating Salesforce CPQ: CPQ Front Page Configurator


A 100% native custom solution for Salesforce communities using LWC, APEX Rest resources, APEX Events, Bootstrap, Jquery(Javascript) library , SLDS & more.

No recurring subscription fees!

"It is essentially a customized “top layer” to any CPQ instance, allowing Sales Reps, Dealers, Re-sellers and Customers to quickly and easily configure 100% Salesforce native, which makes it possible for any company that offers a complex"
Mikael B. Petersson


Online Forms for your Salesforce Needs
An application that generates a PDF output report of a record on an object notably:
  • Invoices
  • Orders
  • Billings
  • and other Custom Documents

An App that generates fill-up forms and has features of:

  • Field creation according to the object
  • Creating Form in different record type.
  • Import background inside and outside Form.
  • Importing Images and Logos
  • Insert signature and media files into the form
  • Adding a screening guide to the form (Choices, survey, and questions)
  • Adding Layout components panel and Column.

Project Management at eClouds

Top 14 Reasons for an AE to work with eClouds

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