Top 14 Reasons for an AE to work with eClouds

Close more Deals, Faster and with higher ACV!

Pre-Sales Engagement:

Working with Mikael (18+ years in SF), Prashant (4+ years), and the rest of the eClouds team is both fun and highly productive. We are fully engaged from the first sales call all the way to the “pricing call” where we, together with you, the AE, will move the deal to the “closed/won” column!

Salesforce Demos:

eClouds have built up awesome Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, CPQ, Billing and Marketing Cloud demo orgs. We can compliment the SE function by scheduling a demo with 1 or 2 days advance notice.

eCloudsBridge™ Middleware:

To remove the “integration price blocker” we offer extremely attractive rates for virtually any integration using eCloudsBridge™, our own highly advanced Middleware (HL7, JSON or API).

QuickStarts & Accelerators:

For easy wins, eClouds offers great Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Health Cloud fixed-price packages. They are a great way to get the conversation started and give your customers an idea of the cost.

Great Customer References:

We make customers happy! The eClouds Appexchange listing features over 65+ 5-star reviews. With 100s of implementations completed. We have reference Clients in many verticals.

One-day SOW Turn-around:

An attractive and detailed price quote is usually provided within 1-day after the typical discovery call or reverse demo, even if it includes integrations*, custom development, and Appexchange Products.

Low SMB/GRB Pricing & Split Payment Terms:

Our implementation costs are very reasonable and with great payment terms, implementation costs can be split over 3-6 months with equal monthly payments.

30-day CRM GoLive Guarantee:

With the eClouds SPI (Success Path Implementation) we can guarantee new logos to GoLive with the CRM side within 30-days, focusing on Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and basic Opportunities

Free B2B Sales Training:

Every month we are running an 8-session Webinar over 2-weeks with hands-on training on how to use Salesforce. We cover  Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Quotes, & much more

Ongoing Support & Managed Service:

We offer a super attractive $500 a-month support package, a “ReActive” package for $1k per month, and the “ProActive” where an eClouds Consultant is the internal Admin, for $3k per month and up.

ACV Focus - Account Management:

Our motto is “ACV - Annual Consulting Value”. After the initial implementation, we will create a quarterly goal for each Account for co-selling with you, adding additional SF Products to the Org over time. 

Free Apps - Business Operations 360°:

eClouds has developed a series of great Apps (unmanaged packages) for Professional Services, Commissions, Employment Management & much more. We only charge installation, no monthly fees!

Advanced Solutions for GRB:

Even though most of our customers are technically SMB or GRB (up to 200 employees) we build “crazy” advanced Salesforce solutions with LWC Components, Apex code, Java Scripts & more.

Outstanding Sales Material:

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