Salesforce Implementation: What you need to know.

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We are all facing a fast-changing market environment for businesses, and the way people think and react to it is as much at the same speed as sharing information over the internet.
Hence, many entrepreneurs have increased their uncertainty about the future of their businesses. In addition to that, most of them have difficulty choosing what practices to apply to monitor the company performance concerning sales, taking care of customers, or mainly what technology we should use to make our business successful in today's generation.
Did you know?...
Top companies like Spotify, Amazon Web Services, U.S. Bank, Toyota, Macy's, T-Mobile, Aldo, The New York Post, American Express, Canon, The American Red Cross, NBC Universal, and many more use Salesforce.
Salesforce is the main reason why, as of today, we could see a continuous increase in the number of thriving organizations in the below industry :
Professional Services,  Banking and Financial Services,  Manufacturing,  Insurance,  Retail,  Life Sciences,  Consumer Packaged Goods,  Transportation,  Oil, Gas and Chemicals,  Utilities,  Construction and Real Estate,  Education,  Media,  Communications,  Healthcare,  Aerospace and Defense,  Non-Profit,  Leisure and Hospitality,  Automotive and  Government.
If your business is in the industry listed above, start to get help in your Salesforce Implementation.

You are here to know 7 Stages of Salesforce Implementation

    Understanding why you are going to use Salesforce?.
    Business Process Mapping
    Learning that Salesforce technology is a culture
    Learning the basics
    Data Preparation
    Application Development

7 Stages of Salesforce Implementation

Understanding why you are going to use Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM and a cloud computing platform that allows the business to have easy access to run the company in automation and work anywhere virtually, which is highly beneficial if you hire contractors to save money for your business. Because of its colossal capability to perform tasks essential in operational growth, even top companies now see so much value in why they must use the software. 

Talented developers simultaneously worked and created a platform where companies could configure and align all useful apps inside Salesforce to control everything in one place completely. And to name a few, you can manage your marketing, customer support, sales, team performance, tasks, workflow, and a lot more.

Business Process Mapping

You need to list all activities involved in defining what your entity does, who is responsible, what standard process should all be completed, what you currently have compared to your competitors, and what you don't have that makes your business fail.
Salesforce could show you how to determine your business process’s success. It addresses Business process improvement, Training you need, Process/workflow clarification, Regulatory compliance, Internal audit, and Role clarity.

Learning that Salesforce technology is a culture

Salesforce employees believe in a positive environment, so everyone is treated with respect and transparency as far as experience is concerned. Thus, you can monitor all collaborations you make inside the technology with a design to progress into completion.
The whole platform will perform to make things happen for you and your business, to reach your goals, live up to your potential, and align your company with your mission and vision.
Ensure that you express how your business is going and where you feel most challenged in your operations. You will surely get some help especially working with a Salesforce consultant.
Salesforce also believes in work-life balance and giving back to the community. 

Learning the basics

You are turning your business into automation with Salesforce, you've listed the things your company is doing and what must be operations-wise, and you know how convenient it is to work with consultants already.

Our next move is to get trained in using the system. You may now proceed to learn the exact buttons to click. Give yourself some time to share your complete motivation with your employees in learning how to navigate, assign tasks for implementation and have regular meetings and reporting to make sure everything is about to move in the right direction. 

Data Preparation

Reviewing all of your existing data before transferring it to Salesforce is a must to put everything in its proper location and apply for the status within the workflow organized for you.
Also, secure that you only share the necessary information to avoid data entry mistakes and mark the progress accurately if you import the leads/contacts your team is currently working on.

Application Development

Knowing the proper application development tool provider doesn’t have to be a challenging prospect. The Salesforce Platform is the one-stop solution for building and managing custom applications and built upon the trusted platform of the world’s number one CRM provider. With Salesforce’s mobile application development tools, you can conceptualize, design, develop, and roll out specialized applications quickly and easily. Or you can browse through a comprehensive database of ready-built, customizable applications and components.

The reason behind the platform is to give every organization and every type of developer everything they need in regard to application development tools.

Officially operating your business in Salesforce

Always be ready to have somebody in charge of communication to fix unexpected configuration issues. You may transfer all of your data gradually to see in actuality if there would be errors that must correct ahead of time. You must measure the three different areas for adoption things you should have learned during the hands-on training: usage, data quality, and business performance.
For formal reporting, you have to format your key performance indicators (KPIs), most notably in your sales team, and track its progress by breaking it all down for each individual. Make use of your Salesforce Dashboard to publicly monitor if the transaction record is correct and in real-time.
If you plan to have a salesforce implementation in your business, eClouds Consultants are here to arrange everything for you at your convenience. Subscribe to our newsletter to further develop your knowledge. If you want to be one of the successful business owners in the industry listed above, you definitely must ACT NOW.

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