eClouds M-Forms

Are you seeking an efficient solution to seamlessly design and generate forms and documents that align perfectly with your Salesforce organization's requirements?
eClouds M-Forms is your ultimate answer for effortless integration with Salesforce. It's meticulously designed to streamline and enhance user experiences while optimizing the management of your critical data.
With eClouds M-Forms, you can revolutionize your work with Salesforce, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
eClouds M-Forms
What's with it?
eClouds M-Forms is a solution designed to seamlessly design and generate forms and documents that perfectly align with Salesforce organization requirements
Unique Selling Proposition(USP)
Revolutionize your Salesforce operations, making them more efficient and user-friendly with eClouds M-Forms.
The Need for Seamless Salesforce Integration
Designing and generating forms and documents seamlessly integrating with your Salesforce organization can be challenging and time-consuming. How can we simplify this process to ensure efficiency and compatibility? Here's a breakdown of common issues:
Utilize the Power of eClouds MForms with These Exceptional Features
  • Field Customization: Based on specific objects within Salesforce.
  • Record Type Support: For different types within Salesforce.
  • Branding Flexibility: Customize colors to match branding.
  • Background Import: For both inside and outside form elements.
  • Layout Components: Including panels and columns.
  • Unlimited Form Creation: With 15-20 fields.
  • Unique Scripts: For forms and Thank You Pages.
  • eForm Builder: For custom contact forms, online payments, etc.
  • 256-bit SSL Connection: For data security.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: No coding experience needed.
Elevate Your Documentation Experience with These Exceptional Services
Generation of PDFs for invoices, quotes, and contracts.
Crafting forms such as patient intake, contact, and case tier forms.
Custom branded PDF report generation.
Quick implementation post-deal, with package installation completed in 2-3 hours.
Sample Forms
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    Benefits of eClouds MForms

    • Expertise from Salesforce professionals.
    • Custom-designed forms tailored for businesses.
    • Time and cost-efficient form creation.
    • Seamless integration with Salesforce and other platforms.
    • Top-tier data security and compliance.
    • Comprehensive training and support
    • Scalable forms for evolving business needs.
    • User-friendly designs.
    • Continuous support and updates.
    • Data-driven insights and analytics.
    • Reduced technical risks.
    • Quick form deployment.
    Target Audience

    Salesforce users seeking an efficient solution to design and generate forms and documents that integrate seamlessly with their Salesforce organization.

    Why Choose eClouds
    eClouds M-Forms offers:
    Tailored solutions for Salesforce users.
    Versatile form creation.
    Industry-wide application, making it adaptable to various sectors like healthcare, finance, and e-commerce.
    Limited-Time Promotion
    For those who sign up now, enjoy a 30-day free trial of eClouds MForms. Experience the difference firsthand!