QB-SFDC Connector™

Elevate Your QuickBooks Salesforce Integration Experience
Transform the way you experience QuickBooks and Salesforce – Unite, synchronize, and elevate your business processes like never before!
The Challenge
  • Managing accounting data in QuickBooks
  • Managing customer information in Salesforce
  • Time-consuming data integration between the two platforms
The Solution-QB-SFDC Connector™
This state-of-the-art tool is your bridge to integrate multiple QuickBooks accounts effortlessly within a single Salesforce CRM. Synchronization has never been smoother from customers to products, services to estimates, and payments to invoices.
Key Features
One-Step Invoice Creation
Directly transform your Salesforce Opportunity, Quote, or any custom object into an invoice on Quickbooks Online.
Dynamic Bi-Directional Sync for Customer Data
Keep your customer data consistent and updated across platforms, whether you update it in Salesforce or Quickbooks.
Real-Time Payment Status Updates
Once a payment is secured in Quickbooks, our connector ensures the payment status and invoice balance are instantaneously updated in Salesforce.
Product Master Sync
Ensure product details are consistently mirrored between Salesforce and Quickbooks, eliminating data discrepancies.
Seamless GL Account Synchronization
Transfer your GL Accounts from Quickbooks straight into Salesforce with zero hassle.
360-Degree View
Access customer data across shared platforms for a comprehensive understanding.
Benefits of Integration
Effortless Invoicing
Say goodbye to tedious manual invoicing. Our connector handles it for you.
Streamlined Accounting
Empower your accounting team with an automated invoicing system, negating the need for manual data exports from Salesforce
Automatic Data Synchronization
Products and customer data are seamlessly integrated across platforms, saving you time and preventing errors.
Proactive Payment Tracking
Updated customer balances in Salesforce allow your sales team to promptly follow up on pending payments.
Unparalleled Flexibility
Generate invoices from any Salesforce object, be it Opportunity, Sales Order, or any bespoke custom objects.
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