Success Story

ScalpMicro Skyrockets Leads and Streamlines
Operations with eClouds' Innovative Solutions
The leading scalp micro pigmentation provider. Located in NYC, with new clinics in Houston and LA, they offer an effective treatment to mimic the appearance of hair follicles without hair transplants or invasive procedures.
ScalpMicro needed a solution to keep track of incoming leads from Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and their own website, followed by a complete Sales and Service Process that included SMS text messaging. They also wanted to keep track of the treatment sessions, which are almost always 3 in total. It was requested that this be completed on a very limited budget and in a time-space of weeks, not months. "From the start, eClouds has been more than just a consulting firm, they've immersed themselves in our business to understand our goals and objectives. Our Salesforce build was custom and incorporated new B2C marketing automation workflows." Keith Myers - Chief Marketing Officer
Facebook & Instagram Connect: eClouds set up connectivity with Instagram, Facebook, and their website. As this was a B2C business, SMS text messaging was successfully incorporated on several layers, resulting in many more reviews and satisfied customers. Reporting: Complete Dashboards and Reporting for key KPIs were set up. Structure: With Hierarchy, Roles, and Profiles properly configured, ScalpMicro can now easily add new locations yet run them separately.


ScalpMicro experienced a significant increase in leads and conversions thanks to eClouds' innovative solutions. The custom-built Salesforce integration helped the company manage its expanding client base and streamline its sales and service process. ScalpMicro can now focus on growth and expansion, while eClouds' efficient and affordable solutions ensure their operations run smoothly.