Success Story

Transforming IC Care's Patient Encounter Experience:
eClouds' Digital Solutions Enhance Efficiency
and Streamline Operations
IC Care is a healthcare company based in Largo, Maryland that provides holistic care services to individuals in need.
The company was founded with the goal of helping people live independently and
maintain their health and well-being in the comfort of their homes.
"The eClouds Team has excelled in creating a fluent digital encounter experience for our patients and also our staff. It took a bit longer than expected but at the end the result us very satisfying."
Dr. George Bone
General Practitioner - IC Care
IC Care, a general practitioner office just outside Washington D.C., was facing the common problem of using manual intake forms and paper triage forms, with doctors making patient encounter notes using tape recorders. However, Dr. George Bone had a vision to create a complete digital patient encounter experience that would not only make it easier for patients to visit the office but also improve efficiency. This is where eClouds came in to provide a solution.

The eClouds team worked tirelessly to create a fluent digital encounter experience for both patients and staff. They began by configuring a highly customized 123FormBuilder setup with a dedicated HIPAA-compliant front-end funnel that allowed patients to fill out forms via email or in the office. This information was then used by triage and later by the doctor during the encounter.

eClouds also configured a "natural speaking" dictation solution for IC Care's doctors to use during all patient encounters. This dictation solution automatically generated billing codes based on the entries made by the doctors, making the process more efficient and streamlined.


The result of eClouds' work was a satisfying experience for IC Care's patients and staff. Dr. Bone and his team were pleased with the end result, which provided a complete digital patient encounter experience that was efficient and easy to use. Thanks to eClouds' expertise, IC Care was able to improve its operations and provide better care to its patients. This success story is a testament to the power of technology in improving healthcare services.