Milestone PSA Platinum™

a way to transform your Salesforce experience and supercharge your project management
What is Milestone PSA Platinum?

Milestone PSA Platinum™ is a 100% Salesforce native top-tier solution designed to elevate your project and employee management processes. Based on the "Milestones App" released by Salesforce Labs in 2011 and then again in 2022 eClouds re-developed the code, the object structure and added world class LWC components for managing projects. The 2024 version now being released features world-class Gantt Charts for Project Management, industry leading time entry components , easy resource management, approvals and much more. Best of all, the project management is fully integrated into Salesforce opportunites and products, making it a sub 1-minute operation to convert a closed/won opportunity into a project.

eClouds Milestone PSA Platinum™ Solutions
Salesforce-native Advantage
The Milestone PSA Platinum, being 100% Salesforce native provides benefits such a 1-button conversion from closed/won opportunity to project creation, real-time data sync across employee objects, time entries, budget vs. actual & more.
Tailored Solutions
Milestones PSA Platinum is extremely adaptable and easy to customzie. Add virtually unlimited custom fields and business rules to every obect, restrict access and create the desired workflows, all using standard Salesforce configurations.
Informed Selection
We invite anyone to make a detailed comparison between any "industry leading" solution or native Salesforce solutions like Certinia, the comparison will almost surely tip to the eClouds benefit.
Proof of Concept Approach
For any company considering using PSA (Professional Service Automation) as their business solution eClouds can work with your company and create a demo org. Experience the solution in proof of concept (rules applies).
eClouds Milestone PSA Platinum™
Create Project in Opportunity
At any stage in the Opportunity, click on the “Create Project” button and select any template. Align with the Pricing or Project Team and build Delivery Schedules or Deadlines.
Define Milestones & Timelines
Set up the Project in minutes by adding Start and End times to Milestones . Assign Resources, Roles and Billing Rates, Project Description, unique Attributes Fields & More.
Adjust or Add Tasks to Milestones
Each Milestones can have one, many or an unlimited number of Tasks, each assigned to an Individual or to a Team. Tasks can have predefined deadlines and specific times allocated.
Super Efficient Time Entry Screens
Internal or external Team members will be delighted to use the Daily or Weekly Time Entry screens, both designed for maximum efficiency, sub-10 seconds to crate Time Entry.
Manage Project on Gantt Chart
Easily manage the timeline for Milestones, Sprints and Associated Task. Create new ones or change Status in industry leading Gantt chart. View by Day, Week or Month.
Manage eEmployees & Contractors
Easily manage all aspect of the individuals making up the Team. Keep track of important dates, salary, certifications, create Groups, track benefits & much more.
Create Complex Billing
Combine fixed fees, hourly charges, progressive billing and expenses into ONE 2-week or monthly invoice. Send to Client and include CC and ACH link. Post into Accounting software.
Track Sales Commission Budgets
With all Opportunity, Billing and Cash Collection information in ONE data silo the eClouds solution includes commission tracking. Sale Reps can see “Actual vs. Budget” in real time!
Hiring and Onboarding Process
Create job position in SF object and place add on LinkedIn and other portals. Applicants are created automatically in SF. Complete the Interview, offer and onboarding process.
Other Notable Features
Project Management
Create and track essential stages for each project.
Tasks Management
Assign, track, and manage tasks with deadlines.
Time Management
Record, monitor, and view time entries.
Reports & Dashboards
Create dynamic subscription reports for almost any KPI to be tracked!
Employee Management
Define roles, set rates, manage leaves, and categorize employee types.
Project Portfolio
Gantt charts and schedules for an overview of all projects.
Planning View
A user interface for project managers to oversee every task.
Weekly Summaries
Monitor the time each employee spends weekly on projects.
Visualization Tools
Gantt Charts and Kanban view for a visual representation of tasks.
Expense Tracking
Expense Records
Input and track business expenses.
Document Uploading
Upload related expense proofs like receipts.
Mark expenses as billable to customers or dealers.
Streamlined reimbursement procedures.
Export records for external analysis or backup.
Time Entry & Bandwidth Planning
Time Recording
Daily and weekly time entries.
Ease of Logging
Select associated projects, milestones, and tasks when logging time.
Default Time-off Project
Simplified leave entry.
Approval Workflow
Employees can submit weekly time logs to supervisors for approval.
Client Portal
Task Approval
Customers can log in, view, and approve tasks.
Clients can view logged time entries related to their projects.
Task Creation
Clients can create tasks, fostering collaboration.
Benefits of Milestone PSA Platinum™
  • Progress & Status Monitoring: Stay updated with project progress.
  • Planning Tools: Advanced Gantt and planner functionalities.
  • Customization: Gantt presets & filters for tailored project views.
  • Agile Adaptability: Agile project boards for iterative workflows.
  • Seamless Integration: Link contacts from Gmail directly into Salesforce.
  • Budget Monitoring: Ensure projects stay within budget through constant monitoring.
Why eClouds Milestone PSA Platinum™?

With eClouds, you're not just choosing a service; you're opting for a partnership built on expertise, trust, and a shared vision for success. Choose eClouds and elevate your Salesforce journey.

  1. Certified Expertise: eClouds proudly stands as a certified partner of Salesforce, a testament to our commitment to upholding industry standards and delivering top-tier service.
  2. Skilled and Dedicated Team: We are backed by specialists, each chosen for their dedication and expertise. With every project we undertake, our clients benefit from these professionals' combined knowledge and skills.
  3. Experienced Leadership: The head of eClouds has over 15 years of experience with Salesforce. We use that deep knowledge in everything we do, ensuring our solutions are smart and practical.
  4. Long-term Client Relationships: Our business is built around cultivating multi-year client relationships. We pride ourselves on trust, mutual growth, and sustained collaborations.
  5. Highly Rated by the Community: The Salesforce Community recognizes our excellence, rating us an impressive 4.9 out of 5. These reviews, combined with feedback from our project satisfaction surveys, are a testament to our consistent delivery of quality.
  6. Track Record of Success: Since our inception in 2018, we have successfully completed 53 projects, a track record that speaks to our efficiency, reliability, and dedication.
  7. Diverse Expertise on Board: We boast a team of 18 certified experts, each bringing specialized knowledge and unique skills. This rich diversity ensures our solutions are holistic, innovative, and always ahead of the curve.