Introducing the concept of running your business on Salesforce.
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Mikael B. Petersson

Mikael B. Petersson

Co-Founder & CEO
Long Island, NY - USA

The slogan “From Leads to Ledger™”, translated into creating a “leak-proof” end-to-end business process. 

Having multiple systems, CRM, Time Entries & Project Management, Accounting & ERP etc. is not necessary anymore. The financial and practical benefits and of working in ONE data silo are substantial. 

Not only will users love it but your Analytics and subsequent Dashboards will be vastly improved, providing a level of insight to your business that is unparalleled.

Contact your Salesforce AE or eClouds directly and let’s talk about how to to get YOUR business into ONE data silo!

eClouds is focused on working with clients that are interested in expanding their use of their Salesforce Org. Our motto is “From Lead to Ledger”, which means that as an organization you can essentially run the company on Salesforce with only minimal need for other solutions. We are experts at making this happen on a small or large scale. Add Project Management, Time Entries, and Accounting to your Salesforce Org by working with the eClouds Team!