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Help your service teams work faster, no matter where they are. Resolve cases faster using a suite of intelligent productivity tools that give the customer success team a shared view of every customer and every interaction.
  • Phone system, text messaging, chat, email and social media in ONE channel
  • Start with only a few features and add more as demand grows
  • Offer customer and partner login portals with Experience Cloud
The eClouds Team many years of experience from setting up Service Cloud we will configure the right solution within a budget that works for your company. Join us for a creative and productive discovery call to learn more about all the Service Cloud features!

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Here at eCloud many of our Clients have expanded their use of Salesforce to include managing the delivery of the product and/or services offered, including sending invoices. With this approach your company is creating a highly efficient end-to-end solution that will not only save time and money but substantially increase the insight into the analytics.
One Datasilo for Lead-to-Cash
Dashboards & Reports for Product Delivery, Billing & Accounts Receivable
Automated sending of invoice reminders & more
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Project Management with detailed time entries can be added at a nominal cost as we are using the free “MileStones” Salesforce application. Multiple customers have also opted to have a “Progressive Billing” solution implemented. Contact us for further discussions.
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