Success Story

Virtair Streamlines Operations and Enhances
Customer Billing with eClouds' Robust, Salesforce-Based
Inventory Management Solution
Virtair - A leading supplier in the New York Boroughs of Oxygen Tanks and BioMed Rental equipment to Fire Stations and Nursing Homes. The company operates Warehouses and Truck routes.
Virtair, a fast-growing supplier of oxygen rental tanks to the New York City Fire Department (NYFD), needed a robust ERP-style system to manage over 1,000 daily tank deliveries, returns, and refills. They also needed to plan routes, keep track of all inventory movements, and provide daily invoices to customers such as FDNY, which require monthly billing statements with 1,000s of data points.
eClouds designed a barcode-based inventory tracking system integrated with a specialty solution called TrackAbout. The delivery and return data of all oxygen tanks are synced daily, enabling Virtair to create six different types of billing records. Every inventory movement is related to a specific sales order, with all assets individually tracked. Assets: Barcode-based tracking with 29k asset movements for accurate balance and latest location. Invoicing: Advanced Conga-based invoices with roll-up summaries and more.


eClouds successfully tackled Virtair's complex business processes, creating a highly effective Salesforce-based solution tailored to their needs. The company is extremely pleased with the outcome and remains steadfast in its commitment to leveraging the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Platform for continued growth and success. As expressed by William Wassermann, CEO of Virtair, their satisfaction and dedication to the platform are a testament to eClouds' expertise and innovative solutions.