October 4, 2023

What Makes eCloudsBridge™ the Future of EHR Integration?

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By Mikael Petersson
Salesforce EHR Integration stands out as a transformative innovation in our modern healthcare environment. It's not just about technology; it's about making patient data management effortless for doctors and hospitals. This integration ensures patient information flows smoothly, accurately, and in real-time. But, like all great tools, there are things to learn and master. Let's explore its features and advantages and, finally, present the solution that eCloudsBridge™ brings to the table.
What is Salesforce Health Cloud?

Developed by Salesforce.com, the Salesforce Health Cloud is a CRM platform crafted especially for the healthcare sector. Its primary goal? To assist healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, and insurance firms in nurturing patient relationships and elevating the patient experience.

Here's a snapshot of what Salesforce Health Cloud:

Patient Profiles:
  • Get a 360-degree view of a patient's health journey.
  • Access medical records, treatment blueprints, drug prescriptions, and more.
  • Enables sharper decision-making and tailored patient care.
Care Teamwork:
  • Promotes seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals.
  • Share and coordinate patient data and care strategies.
Patient Interaction:
  • Engage patients with secure chats, virtual health visits, and easy-access portals.
  • Strengthen the bond between patients and their care providers for improved health results.
Data Analysis:
  • Powerful tools to analyze and report healthcare trends.
  • Understand patient outcomes and streamline operations.
System Sync:
  • Merges effortlessly with other health tech systems, like EHRs.
  • Guarantees consistent and integrated patient data views.
  • Adaptable to fit the unique requirements of various healthcare setups.
Safety First:
  • Prioritizes top-notch security measures.
  • Complies with major standards like HIPAA to safeguard patient information.
What is Electronic Health record (EHR) System?

EHR systems are like digital lockers for a patient's health history. Instead of flipping through pages of a paper file, doctors can now click and scroll through medical histories, treatments, test results, and more. These systems are designed for use by approved medical staff and can be used across various healthcare places, from big hospitals to local doctor's clinics.

Here's what makes EHR systems stand out:

  • All in One Place: EHRs put a patient's health details in one digital spot, making it a breeze for doctors to view and manage.
  • Top-Notch Patient Care: With EHRs, doctors can chat and plan better, ensuring patients get the best care. Quick access to past health details means smarter treatment choices.
  • Quick and Easy: Say goodbye to heaps of paperwork! EHRs cut down on manual tasks, making healthcare faster and often cheaper.
  • Patient's Corner: Many EHRs come with special portals just for patients. They can peek at their health details, book doctor visits, and even chat with their doctors.
  • Health Data Deep Dive: EHRs aren't just for storing data; they can analyze it too. This is useful for health studies, tracking public health, and improving healthcare.
  • Safety First: EHRs take patient privacy seriously. They have top security features like access checks, secret codes, and tracking to keep personal details safe.
What is Salesforce EHR Integration?

Salesforce EHR Integration bridges the gap between clinical data and patient engagement, ensuring a more holistic and enriched patient care approach. Many providers have turned to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) to digitize the fundamental elements of clinical care. While EHRs excel at handling tasks like scheduling, transactions, and storing medical data, they fall short when it comes to truly engaging with patients.

This is where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, particularly Salesforce, come into play. Salesforce is designed to revolutionize patient engagement and transform their overall experience. By integrating Salesforce with EHRs, healthcare providers can:

  • Merge Data Seamlessly: All patient interactions, from appointments to feedback, can be integrated, offering a comprehensive view of each patient.
  • Craft a Connected Journey: This integration ensures that every patient's healthcare journey is interconnected and streamlined.
  • Elevate Patient Engagement: While EHRs remain the backbone of clinical data, Salesforce acts as the engagement layer, enhancing the patient experience manifold.
    Benefits of Integrating Salesforce in EHR System
    A recent study by McKinsey revealed that the US healthcare system wastes about 20-25% of its spending, equating to roughly $1 trillion. Adopting a modernized and collective electronic medical system could reduce 50%-75% of this wastage.

    Incorporating Salesforce into EHR systems transforms the healthcare landscape, ensuring patients receive the best care while providers operate efficiently, clearly, and precisely.

    Improved Patient Care
    • Holistic Patient View (Patient 360): Salesforce provides a unified patient database through Patient 360, ensuring healthcare professionals have instant access to comprehensive patient data. This means better diagnosis, timely interventions, and tailored care plans.
    • Aftercare Support: Post-procedure guidelines and knowledge articles from Salesforce ensure patients follow best practices for a quicker and safer recovery. This proactive approach substantially elevates the standard of patient care.
    Efficient Workflows
    • Streamlined Scheduling: By enabling agents to see real-time provider availability and efficiently manage intake documentation, Salesforce ensures that appointments are scheduled seamlessly, eliminating unnecessary delays.
    • Active Referral Management: A centralized approach ensures both provider-driven and patient-initiated referrals are processed efficiently, optimizing the utilization of healthcare resources.
    • Simplified Intake and Registration: Automating pre-appointment processes means faster, error-free registration, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on patient care.
    Enhanced Communication
    • End-to-End Patient Journey Management: Salesforce establishes an interactive communication channel with patients, guiding them throughout their care journey. This continuous touchpoint ensures patients feel informed and valued.
    • Enhanced Inquiry Management: Leveraging extensive patient data, agents can address queries more effectively, offering insights and assistance during calls, and ensuring patients get the information they need promptly.
    Data Accuracy
    • Up-to-date Demographics: The ease of updating essential patient details ensures that the healthcare system always operates with the most recent and accurate patient information.
    • Provider Network Management: By building detailed provider and clinic profiles, Salesforce ensures that referrals and patient navigation rely on accurate, comprehensive data beyond traditional metrics.
    Things to Consider in Salesforce EHR Integration

    Given the rapid digital transformation in the healthcare sector, integrating Salesforce with EHR systems requires careful planning and consideration of these factors to ensure a seamless, efficient, and secure experience.

    Data Security

    Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, security is paramount.

    Issue: The healthcare sector faces vulnerabilities, especially during integration processes.

    Impact: Potential data breaches can lead to a loss of patient trust, substantial fines, and legal action. Integration solutions must be robust, with encrypted data transfers and stringent access controls to prevent unauthorized access.


    Scalability ensures that the integrated systems can handle the increased load as the healthcare organization grows.

    Issue: Not all integration solutions are designed for scalability.

    Impact: Without scalable solutions, organizations may quickly outgrow their systems, resulting in frequent, costly overhauls and potential operational disruptions.


    Different EHR systems and platforms have varying designs and structures.

    Issue: Software design, database architecture, and protocol discrepancies can pose compatibility challenges during integration.

    Impact: Incompatible systems can be time-consuming and expensive to integrate, potentially resulting in data transfer errors or incomplete data merges.


    Each healthcare organization has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not always be effective.

    Issue: Health Cloud integrations can be intricate, demanding specific expertise for customization.

    Impact: Without the ability to tailor-fit solutions, there could be prolonged or incorrect implementations, leading to inefficiencies or system errors. Moreover, customization ensures adherence to regulatory standards, such as HIPAA, preventing legal complications.

    Why Choose eCloudsBridge™?

    Innovative Integration: At the core of eCloudsBridge™ is a top-tier iPaaS system masterfully designed to connect disparate platforms seamlessly, changing how systems communicate.

    EHR Expertise: Our proficiency is not just broad but deep. We're skilled at handling the complex world of various EHR setups, ensuring your whole healthcare system works smoothly.

    Expertise That Counts: We pride ourselves on a formidable arsenal of talent. Our team boasts 45+ Salesforce-certified professionals committed to healthcare integration, ensuring your systems get the expert touch they deserve.

    Adaptive Solutions: eCloudsBridge™ is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor our technology to fit your needs, ensuring your systems are well-connected and running at peak efficiency.

    Security and Efficiency: We don't just connect; we protect. We ensure your integrated systems operate with unmatched efficiency within a fortress of security.

    Prepare for Tomorrow: eCloudsBridge™ is more than a service; it's a leap into the future. Embark on a journey to the next horizon of healthcare system integration with us.

    Salesforce EHR Integration, combined with the power of eCloudsBridge™, signifies the next big step in healthcare technology. It's not just about integration; it's about revolutionizing patient care and data management. Embrace the future with eCloudsBridge™, where technology meets healthcare excellence.

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